Thursday, April 3, 2008

Yellow and Blue make icky Green!

It's Springtime in GA! That means many things....Blake has fishing fever, Blake & I both have camping fever, the birds and squirrels are twitterpated, the flowers are blooming, temperatures have mellowed for the most part, but most of all it means POLLEN! These are pictures of Blake's tourquise blue van...but it's not blue now. Pollen yellow + blue make a really icky green. The pollen is so thick you can see it blowing in the wind, covering cars, and all the ponds & and lakes have a layer of icky yellow on top. Our eyes, throat & noses are itchy and sniffley. The only cure is a nice rain...which collects it all into "pollen puddles"...interesting, but not pretty. I'd love to open up all the windows & air out the house...but not so long as the yellowy-green invasion is happening outside.
Happy Spring!


Anonymous said...

With all that sneezing, what can we say except "Bless you!!" LOL!