Monday, April 14, 2008


We went camping last weekend for spring break. Although it was a bit early in the spring blooming time in the mountains, we were blessed to see some lovely wildflowers. Blake takes AWESOME flower pictures. He really takes his time & makes these pictures extra special. You can see so many tiny details on these flowers that you would normally just walk right past.
Here's a couple of collages of these flowers....
they include wild geranium (one of my favorites), trailing arbutis (which always looks bruised), birds foot voilets, foam flower, star chickweed & purple wood sorrell, fairy or dwarf iris, merry bells, AND an interesting looking unknown flower (the spiral looking one) we found. We can't find it in any of our wildflower books. If & when we figure out what it is, we'll post it's name.

UPDATE - the unknown flower has been ID'd as 'Lousewort' aka Fernleaf or Wood Betony. The Lousewort name comes from an old wive's tale that said cattle would be infested w/ lice after eating this plant. I'm happy to say that is not true, just an old wives tale. FYI - wort simply means flower...even tho' is sounds like an ugly wart.