Friday, April 4, 2008

Pollen Puddles

These are pollen puddles. Looks like something from outer space in the close up pictures. It started raining this afternoon. Within a very short time this is what our driveway looked like....rivers of yellow-green. Despite the weather warnings at this moment - we're in a tornado watch - the air feels better already...cleaner, fresher, cooler and much less gritty-green. We all feel better except for Riley... it's thundering. He's hiding.


Anonymous said...

Bwa ha ha on the 'fraidy dog', we've had one of those too...seems the bigger they are the more sensitive they are.

We get pollen clouds too and we are surrounded by pine trees, our yellow cloud of sneeze factor doesn't start until mid June early July. With this slow start to spring it might not start till late July early August! Thanks for the spring pictures...I can dream.

I need to visit some green houses just to smell the earth and things growing. Never would guess that I have brown thumbs to the shoulders, would you. Just cause I can't grow them doesn't mean I don't love plants!

Marcie said...

Hey Donna, just taking a minute to check all my favorite "bloggers". *g*

The pollen puddles sure do have some nice textures don't they?!

We had our pollen clouds back in Feb. and have finally had enough rain to wash all the icky stuff away now.

Our azaleas are in bloom and I am just itching to have the time to go photograph some before a storm dashes all the blooms.

So great to see you post an update.

Anonymous said...

Phew, I don;t envy you the mess with all of this. They pollen puddles also look like some of the mineral depsoits you get here in New zealand in our thermal areas - the sulphur has a similar yellow. But it stinks!