Monday, April 25, 2011

April 24, 2011

Two special things happened on April 24th.... Easter and Ian's 18th birthday!

Here's a some pictures of both occasions.

Can you tell we woke Ian up & insisted he start the day off with a birthday card?

Happy Birthday Ian! We love you!!!

And now for the annual family Easter picture. It's like working with rabid neanderthal monkeys trying to get these guys to pose for a nice picture! But here's the best I do...

And our annual Easter Egg hunt at Ma's house. Alex and Cole are the only 2 participants. They complained we hid the eggs too hard! But in my opinion, it's hard to catch the Easter eggs when you're running full speed. Egg hunting requires more stealth than speed.

Definitely no easter eggs up there, Cole!
(I told you it's like working with monkeys!)