Monday, September 2, 2013

Its been awhile... Recap Summer 2013

It's been awhile since I blogged, so its time to catch up!  Where have we been?  Just chillin'. Nothing major happening around here... the summer was pretty mellow & low key, so I really didn't have much to blog about.

Fourth of July.... church special = Ian in a tie!  (A rare sight indeed!)


July 6 Cole turned 15.  He has grown up soooooo much in the last year.  He's gotten taller, and his voice has deepened. My baby is growing up!

Cole finished out his Freshman year of HS with a 4.0 grade point average, and is currently tied for first place in his class.  I don't know if this trend will last all the rest of his HS career, but we're so proud we're about to bust our buttons. He's pretty modest & humble about it, but we'll excited. 

Hiking at Sweetwater Creek State Park....   it's kinda funny that we don't take advantage of this beautiful park that is right down the road from us. It seem like every time we go there it's stinkin' hot & miserable...but hopefully this fall, we can make time to enjoy it when it's cooler.  Here's a couple pictures of our hot-hike...

Blake telling Cole about some fish stories of his youth.

 Murphy stuck his head underneath the water for a long long long long time!
It was hysterical! He's still a very silly water-pup.

Bobbin has a new love....  she loves to lay on, wallow around on, stick her head in, and embrace shoes.  Such a funny little cat.

A few summer flower pictures...

We enjoyed a day & evening at Stone Mtn this summer thanks to the H. family inviting us to Valerie's birthday celebration.  The Laser Show was really cool and we all had a great time. AND Happy Birthday, Valerie!!!!

YUCK NIGHT was its usual nasty, icky, yucky good time. We had a whole bunch of new kids there this year and they really got into the fun...whether they wanted to or not. 

Ian with an EVIL grin! He got to help plan Yuck Night...

Danny thoroughly enjoying Andy's first Yuck night!

The 'winners' of musical yucky chairs!

Run, Cole, Run!

BAND CAMP was in mid-late July.  It was hot, as expected, but not as brutal as some years.  This year's show is 'A Night at the Movies'.... with a little Despicable Me, The Incredibles, Skyfall, and Star Trek music.  Its a great show! I look forward to seeing it all together on the field. 

A 'camel back' water carrier - best investment for band camp ever!

Mr. Willis shows 'em how its done!

Mr McConnell - best director we've ever had!

Photographer #1
Photographer #2


Despite his moans, groans & complaints, Cole started back on August 6th...
Going into the 10th grade.... not 'hands up, you're under arrest!'

And we had our first football game/marching band event on August 30th...
Well that pretty much sums up our summer. 
Hopefully, I'll blog a little more often & have more stuff to share soon.