Sunday, September 23, 2012

Friday Night Lights Part II

Cole is now a proud member of the LSHS Marching Lions.  He survived band camp ~ the brutal heat, time consuming practices and it's complete & total exhaustion.  Now its time for the fun part of band....Friday night football  games!   We've only had 3 games so far, but I think calling our 'Friday Night Concerts, with a little football before and after' is a much more accurate description of our situation. But we'll keep rooting for our team, playing fun music in the stands, and most of all supporting the band kids.

Our show this year is the music of Queen & Journey. Good stuff!
It opens with a snippet of Fat Bottom Girls, then an awesome version of Bohemian RhapsodyOpen Arms, a fabulous drum break, and closes with We Are the Champions.  I think its one of the best shows we've ever done - a real crowd pleaser.

Here's a few pictures...
(I hope so have more/better pictures soon!)

As usual, I'm absorbed into my camera,
trying to get the best settings for the lousy lighting in the stadium.

Our first home game (without uniforms).

Vickie T sneaked a pic of me as I was waiting on the sidelines. ACK!
Drum Major Soriah catching a bottle of water.
Good catch!!
Cole ~  freshman year marching band.

UPDATE 9/25/12  PIctures from  the Douglas Co. Expo of Bands ~  An awesome evening of all the local HS bands + middle school pep bands.  LSHS totally rocked the house!

Cole make 'The Face'.  
 I actually got a picture of him smiling!!!!!

Drum Major Tara dancing with the crowd.


THe family that photographs together...
eventually takes  pictures of each other!