Friday, July 6, 2012

Summer Stuff 2012

We're in the middle of a record breaking hot summer. It's been 100+ for most of the last couple of weeks.  It's pretty bad when you feel better because its 'only' in the 90s some days.  With that in mind, it's been a slow summer, too. Just not a whole lot happening. But every summer brings a few special occasions...

Blake & I celebrated our 27th anniversary with a day-trip to Lake Consauga. We had a picnic and a fun day walking around the lake. It's always cooler up there, and just refreshes our hearts & souls. This was Murphy's first trip to the lake....he had a blast. He's definitely a water-puppy. By the end of the day he was completely exhausted & slept the entire way home.

Murphy's first time at the lake. He fetched the stick from the water!

Tired sleepy pup on the way home.
He was so tired he wouldn't get out of the van to play in the creek at the bottom of the mountain.

 Speaking of 'water pup'.... Murphy LOVES to play in the sprinkler....

Slobbery & drool makes him look cool?

Running through the clover, ears a'flappin'.

He looks likes a dandilion with all his fur wet & standing on end.

12 weeks.
He's growing like crazy, too.   Here's his paw in Blake's hand - at 12 weeks/3 months old. He's gonna be a BIG dog!

Here's some more pictures of our silly pup as he grows....

Silly face!  
Murphy is facinated with the cats.
He's constantly trying to be friends with Bobbin and get her to play....Bobbin is NOT amused.  


After running away, he returns to Bobbin and bows down to her superiority.  *Yeah, right!*

Bobbing for tennis balls.

Blowing bubbles.

Puppy ears make great floatation devices.

"Fighting" with the apple tree.
Murphy won the battle - there were little apples flying all over the place.

With Ian. =)

He sleeps just like Cole!

On the way home from the Vet's office after being 'tutored'. 

What a life.

Cole marched in his very first parade.  He'll be a freshman in the HS band this year and this was his first taste of HS band stuff.  He wasn't too thrilled...too hot and he felt unprepared since he's never marched before. We think he did great, though.

And finally, we celebrated Cole's 14th Birthday today!  I can't believe he's 14 and will be started high school soon.   We started the morning with a few presents, and then had lunch at Mellow Mushroom, and finally a trip to 'Hobby Town' ...his favorite store for all those weird things he builds and paints.  All in all a good day for my "Fizzlebutt."

The Three Amigos....nah, its the Three Goobers!

Ma gave Cole a electric bug zapper = hours of fun ahead for these two!

Happy 14th Birthday, Cole!
He got a candle inside a Mellow Mushroom pretzel.

He's in pizza heaven!

Cole showing off a hidden talent...levitation!

And Lastly - a picture that will go down in history in our family.
Murphy is just asleep... but looks like he's had a bit too much! 
The captions this pictures just screams for are endless...
as shown by the silly response on Facebook.
Among them ' I'm not as think as u drunk I am.'
And something about  "O.D.'ing on Begging Strips."
Dear, dear Murphy at his best....