Monday, December 26, 2011

Scenes from our Christmas Season 2011

Merry Christmas!

Our Christmas Season 2011 has been a whirlwind of usual. 
Over the last year I've had the privilege of working on new Advent banners for our church.  Each Sunday of Advent a different family would come into the Worship Center with a banner, light an Advent candle, do a reading and pray.  It was so exciting to see 'my' banners come out so beautiful, and most of all ~ used for the Glory of God.  I feel so blessed to have had a part in this part of our services.

Week 1 - with Vincent G.

Week 2 w/ Katie and Monty S.
 Week 3

 Week 4
 Hanging Separately...

And finally, on Christmas Eve, hanging together!

Christmas Day - Blake and Karl played music in the Worship Center lobby as folks came in. 

 Christmas Eve - Blake playing the alto recorder during the Lord's Supper.

Ian playing bass in the Praise Band on Christmas Morning.

Christmas Eve candlelight - Pastor Kevin.

Our VERY Unique 'Tree'
This year Christmas was bittersweet due to the passing of dear Pops.  With everything going on, we never go around to getting a tree. So my solution was to do something different. Behold, the McMichen Christmas 'Tree'...

Yes, it's crazy, funny, unique, silly, quirky, and WAY out of the box. And it made Blake laugh during a time when he truly needed that laughter - therefore, it's perfect for us this year.

From outside our window, thanks to the shape and the lights, our tree actually looked like a regular Christmas tree.  Cole was astonished by this view and exclaimed "WOW, it really does look like tree! Now people won't think we're a bunch of rednecks!" hahaha!  One of the absolutely funniest moments of the season!

The more I looked at it, the more I liked our unconventional 'tree'. It's bright, cheerful, and makes us happy...isn't that everything you ever need in a Christmas tree!

Christmas Eve Goober Portrait...

 I convinced Riley to 'sic' Ian.   Riley is not normally allowed on the couch, but he enjoyed this moment.  Ian was completely pinned down by the 100 lb beast.

Most people have to worry about their cats getting into their Christmas tree.  Cole got into ours....

 and got stuck!

Christmas Morning had it's usual fun....
 A shirt that was made just for Cole!   (I've accused the boy of treating ketchup as a 'tomato smoothie!')

 Ian, got a couple of Star Wars shirts...perfect for him.
 Blake with his new hat and overalls.
 Cole was a little bit excited about his new Warhammer stuff...
 Ian was over-the-top excited about Skyrim....despite the insane look on his face, he's really happy and excited.
 Riley with our tree.
 I made the boys a special gift ~ bacon scarves!
 Christmas night...Cole with his Warhammer goodies.
 Christmas Night - Ian intently playing Skyrim.
 A nice picture of Ian, prepared to go to church and play his bass.

Christmas with the rest of the family....
More nonsense. More fun. A few bittersweet moments, but all in all, a day filled with love, hugs, and family.

Ma with the lovely wooden box Rusty made her.
 Pam and Rusty with their Redneck Wineglasses we made them.

 Alan with his new Bacon Scarf.

Blake with some new Taz pj pants.

Ian with his new soft, fuzzy blue blankie... maybe now he'll quit stealing mine!

Alex the 'ketchup hound' got a unique surprise from us...a GIANT bottle of ketchup!

Alan with his surprise tire iron.

 Nicole has been tormenting Aaron and Alan with hints and clues about their gifts. It has been driving these two crazy!  Now they finally get to open it....
 And they found 120-shot Roman Candles.  Right down their alley!

Rusty with a shirt perfect for him!

Three Uber-Bacon-Goobers!

Flying the Millieum Falcon hover craft. Rusty had it under control, but Pam looks concerned.

Most of us.

Four-eyed Blue-Goober Attack!!!!!

A bittersweet moment when Blake gave Ma the poem he wrote about Pops.
So sweet, but made us all cry.

And, just a few more pictures....
Bacon Scarf in the pan.


Blake & I.

Ian (18) and Cole (13).

By the way, from mid-Christmas morning on, the pictures were taken with my NEW camera. Wahoo!!  Blake found the discontinue D3000 that I've been wanting and surprised me.  Yes, I'm still doing the happy dance!

The Reason for the Season....

To God be the Glory!   Merry Christmas!