Saturday, September 13, 2008

'Tis the Season.... MARCHING SEASON,that is!

Marching Season is in full swing now. Our Friday nights are full of excitement, yells, & cheers and thats just for the band! At this point our football team is so-so...but who cares. In my opinion, it's all about the band! *G* This year's half-time show is to the music of cool is that! (I have some OLD, OLD Styx albums in a box somewhere. Yes, by albums I mean real vinyl albums - not cds. As a matter of fact I think I had some Styx on 8-track!) It's really funny to hear Ian & Cole walk around singing 'Mr. Roboto, Renegade, Rocking the Paradise and Come Sail Away'....songs from MY HS days.

I'm the photographer for Ian's HS band - so I roam around taking pictures of everything, everyone, and every fun moment I can capture of film. Hanging out with the kids brings back so many great memories of HS & College Band for both Blake & I. I love taking pictures of the kids. Their faces, their dancing and antics in the stands, and the intensity of their concentration on the marching field...and yes, I even take occasional pictures of my Ian aka BEANS! The band's website is ~ it's still a website-in-progress, but eventually, I hope they'll put lots of my photos on there.

Oh,I am now known as Mama Beans. That's kinda cool. (And quite a change from my HS nickname...Munchkin.*G*)