Monday, February 16, 2009

Get the Lead Out

Blake took some pictures of his brother molding bullets out of lead. Facinating process. The liquid metal is just so cool to watch. It melts into a puddle in the blink of an eye, and then goes back to solid in a heart beat. And for a little while, it's pure color looks like refined silver.

Kind of reminds me of Malachi 3:3... sometimes we've got to go through some heat in order to be purer and stronger.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Quilt Wrestling!

I'm currently re-quilting my dear niece Courtney's favorite quilt. It's a beautiful, brightly colors quilt that just needed requilting because the original batting had gotten all wadded up & messed up.
I'm just doing a simple 'quilt in the ditch' - nothing fancy, smancy...but this puppy it BIG! The biggest quilt I've ever tackled. So it's been a wrestling match to get it under the sewing machine & keep it moving via free-motion quilting. But the hardest part has been figuring out where I've quilted & where I haven't quilted. It's hard to find! I have to look on the back of the quilt & find the missing parts of the pattern. Every time I find an area that hasn't been quilted I mark it with blue painters tape, and then hope I can find that area when I get back to the sewing machine. But it CAN be done, and will be done pretty soon! I'm about 95% done with the actual quilting, and will be moving on to the binding stage next. I have a feeling its going to be one of those 'will I ever find the end' kind of bindings. It will feel endless! *G* (I'll post of picture of the finished quilt as soon as it's completely done.)

But it will all be worth it...for the learning experience of quilting a large sized quilt by a standard sized machine...which built confidence, and most of all ~ just seeing Courtney's happy face. =)

Quilt Wrestling ought to be an Olympic sport...
I bet I could take a Gold Medal!

Is it Spring yet?

Bobbin is wondering if its springtime yet?
The birds are acting twitterpatted. The Flying Squirrels are flying all around the back yard every night. She can't catch them, but they sure are fun to watch. And a few of the early blooming flowers are peeking out & showing off their pretty colors while everything else is still wrapped up in winter-drab.

Ethel just laughed with the wisdom of age. No, silly. It's not springtime yet. It's just Valentines. Everything acts silly & twitterpatted on Valentines!

Especially Blake....he picked these early daffodils for Valentines.

Happy Valentines Day!