Sunday, February 15, 2009

Quilt Wrestling!

I'm currently re-quilting my dear niece Courtney's favorite quilt. It's a beautiful, brightly colors quilt that just needed requilting because the original batting had gotten all wadded up & messed up.
I'm just doing a simple 'quilt in the ditch' - nothing fancy, smancy...but this puppy it BIG! The biggest quilt I've ever tackled. So it's been a wrestling match to get it under the sewing machine & keep it moving via free-motion quilting. But the hardest part has been figuring out where I've quilted & where I haven't quilted. It's hard to find! I have to look on the back of the quilt & find the missing parts of the pattern. Every time I find an area that hasn't been quilted I mark it with blue painters tape, and then hope I can find that area when I get back to the sewing machine. But it CAN be done, and will be done pretty soon! I'm about 95% done with the actual quilting, and will be moving on to the binding stage next. I have a feeling its going to be one of those 'will I ever find the end' kind of bindings. It will feel endless! *G* (I'll post of picture of the finished quilt as soon as it's completely done.)

But it will all be worth it...for the learning experience of quilting a large sized quilt by a standard sized machine...which built confidence, and most of all ~ just seeing Courtney's happy face. =)

Quilt Wrestling ought to be an Olympic sport...
I bet I could take a Gold Medal!


Marcie said...

You'll get it done hunny bunny! I know you will. You are one good egg for even tackling it. Good luck with the wonderful prom dress too. And I loved the photos further down of the daffodils....or Johnny Quills, as my Mom and my Grandmother called them.

Shell said...

I think you should have taken your machine and that sucker up to the church and used one of the big tables to do that!!! LOL! I hope it doesn't take much longer.