Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Our Lucky Day

Lately, it's feels like every day is our 'lucky' day!

Cole & Blake went fishing. On the first day they caught nothing. The only fish they brought home were the greasie fastfood kind. BUT the next day they went back and Cole came home with this....

Cole thought he was hung on a stump, but that 'stump' starting fighting & wahoo ~ what a whopper! We estimate this crappie to be 2+ lbs, and it measured 15" long. I'm not sure who got the most thrill out of it - Cole, or Blake...or me!

Ian has had some 'lucky' days lately, too. I'm very proud to say while spending the weekend at D'Now, a local Youth event involving youth from all over the county, he decided to rededicate his life to Jesus. He's been maturing in amazing ways lately - I'm seeing glimpses of the truly awesome man within the growing teen. His whole 'aura' has changed lately - he's laughing more, enjoying life, and has found his joy.God is amazing, and its even more amazing to sit back & watch Him at work on Ian!

Blake and Cole found the first four-leaf clovers of the year today. Cole must have inherited his Daddy's ability to spot those elusive four-leave tokens of luck because he spotted several on his own. I swear, Blake can walk across the yard & say ' There's one. There's another. Here's 3 more' without even slowing down. He just SEES them!

And finally, here's some spring pictures - the birds at Blake's backyard buffet. The first violets of the year, and my annual bouquet of daffodils.