Monday, November 26, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012 in Florida

Thanksgiving has come and gone - but while its still fresh in my mind, I wanted to blog it. Well, I think I'll just let the pictures speak for themselves....

My once a year claim to fame 'chocolate mint pie'.

Cole and Courtney comparing heights....he finally caught up with her.

Mama and her friend Wilbur. 

Levi enjoying his Thanksgiving meal.

Gary enjoying the worlds BEST brownies....thanks to Aunt Clarice's recipe, made by Markie.

Courtney aghast...her dad just took her brownie!

Carol with her snowflake.

Levi with his cookies!

Gary, David and Blake

Me and Mama....and Murphy in the background.

Cole, Grandmama & Ian

Mama and David

Mama with the pillow I made for her from the blocks of a quilt HER mother made.

Cole and Grandmama having a walker race.

Murphy making friends with the pony & horse in Mama's pasture.


Sunrise across the foggy pastures.

Golden Orb Weaver spider...GIANT SPIDER with hairy knees!

Murphy & Ian running....yes, that's Ian RUNNING!

Argiope's as big as my hand!

Cole & Murphy watching the critters inside the pasture.

Murphy REALLY wants to play with the horse, pony & goats.

Ian trying to look GQ cool.

Murphy at the beach - fetching a stick. He discovered he can swim!

Murphy playing with another beach-pup.

Murphy running up the beach....

Murphy running down the beach.

Murphy pretending to be a submarine.

Ian - #1 dead crab inspector.

Chasing the waves.

Murphy helping Ian dig in the sand.


Gary, Carol & Courtney

Pretty web!

Hancock Thanksgiving 2012