Monday, February 25, 2008

Our Wall of Weapons

My boys LOVE nerf weapons. While I'm not all that fond of weapons, Nerf stuff is pretty fun, and cool. We recently came up with this idea for storing and displaying their collection.
Initially, we were going to paint it with a paintball gun, but someone informed us that paintball paint tends to fade. So instead we had a splatter paint party. We put some paint on a plastic spoon & in variety styles, managed to sling it, fling it & slingshot in all over this pegboard. It was a blast! We ALL got into this little activity. I highly recommend a splatter party for some good family fun. =)

Friday, February 22, 2008

Another Fairy Quilt

This is Roxanne's Fairy quilt. I designed it on EQ and had a ball doing it. I think this is one of my most favorite quilts. I put a lot of thought & planning into it, as well as a lot of free motion quilting. (My first attempt at freemotion, after taking a class.)

The flowers are columbine - the Colorado state flower. The name Roxanne means 'dawn', therefore the colorful sky, and fairies....just because they are perfect for such a cutie-patootie little girl.

Naomi - here's a first.... a picture of your kid on someone else's blog! *G* Hope you don't mind. =)

Fairy Quilt

This is my niece Courtney's Fairy quilt.
The top center block is mine, all the rest were from my dear friends the LallyQuilters. A while back we decided to do a block exchange with a fairy theme. ALL the blocks have fairies - fairy fabric, designs, or appliques. I love that fact that here are blocks from all over the world on this quilt...all over the US, Canada, Scotland, Italy and Australia! Living in a household full of boys, I had no idea what I was going to do with these blocks, ....until I found out that Courtney loved fairies. Then I knew I HAD to make this quilt for her graduation.
At this same time I was making Mama's birthday quilt, and Alishia's graduation quilt...3 major quilts going at the same time - all to be given to these dear folks while celebrating Thanksgiving/Christmas at Mama's. Whew! At times, I thought I was crazy for trying to tackle that much all at once...but it was worth it. (I'm trying to find a digital picture of Alishia's quilt. It's really special. Hopefully it will be posted here soon.)

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Mama's Quilt

When my mama was turning 80 she told me she DID NOT want a big party or anything made over it. She's a quiet person, and that's just not her style. But I knew we had to do something to mark this momentous occasion. So obviously my brain turned to a quilt. I sent a letter to each of my 3 brothers and their families & asked them to send me a piece of fabric that represents them. One piece for each member of their family. It could be anything - a work shirt, a piece of fabric with something on it that is special to them or represents their passion/hobby or life. Most of the family responded. The ones that didn't, I choose a fabric for them.

The center block of the quilt represents my parents. It's a crazy patch design that has pieces of a hanky mama's mama gave to me, one of grandma's aprons, & daddy's shirts, fabrics with Bibles and faith, music, oranges, and travel - various things that 'are' Mama & Daddy.

Each side of the quilt is set up to represent me, and my 3 brothers, then our families.

Gary's 'Winter Park Design' shirt & houses. Carol's red hats for all the hats she wears, Courtney's 'Flighty' birds, and Roberts FSU.
Johnnie's US Marines & old houses, Connie's peacock feathers, Luke & Sarah's Co.snow & columbine flowers, and baby Milo's toys. (Baby Lucy wasn't around yet.) Naomi's paintings, Matt's rockets, and Rocket's rockets, and baby Roxanne's dedication dress.
David's - tools and footballs, Levi's sports, Alishia's dolphins.
And lastly - my sewing & horses, Blake's gardening & camping, Ian's science & stars, and Cole's hopping frogs.

It's not a traditional quilt of blocks...but is shows a family and it's ties. I know Mama treasures it.

From my Valentine

My dear hubby is a poet. He writes poetry whenever the mood or inspiration hits him. Sometimes they are short, sweet & simple. The color of the springs leaves or the simple beauty of the Lord's creation, or musings on the cat's dreams as she chases imaginary mousies & twitches in her sleep.
Sometimes they are deep, thought provoking statements about life, and human nature - the good and the bad.
But always...they are from his heart.
This was my Valentine's present...

Forever We'll Be!

How far is forever?
Look to the starry skies!
How far is forever?
Look deep into my eyes!
How far is forever?
But why keep asking why,
Don't you see,
Together you and me,
With God's Grace,
Forever we'll be!
HBMc 2-14-08

This picture from our last anniversary.
I love my Valentine's poem, my fresh from the ditch daffodils, and most of all - my Blake.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

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OTHERWISE - it's Saturday. I'm going out with some friends tonight...WAHOO! Haven't done that in ages & ages & ages. We're going to see a movie...Wahoo a chick-flick, (instead of a cartoon or action picture...what a pleasant change!), and then who knows what kind of trouble we'll get into. =)

Also - here's a random picture... need I say more as to why I need a night out with the girls!?!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

My fuzzy valentine...

Happy Valentines Day! My dear sweet, huggable, loveable, hunny-bunny brought me some early daffodils he found along the side of the road. Those are better that fancy smancy roses any day!
Why do I love him? The list is endless...but here's the short version:
We make beautiful music together...really! We do! We played our flutes at our wedding reception, and still play guitar/hammered dulcimer together for fun.
He takes me camping - what better way to spend time together with someone you love. Snuggling in a sleeping bag or sitting by the campfire beats the Hilton any day!
He doesn't mind my many quirks & hormonal moments.
He loves our boys, our dog, and our cats.
He cooks.... I don't.
He knows lots of things about the stars, wildflowers, and all kinds of interesting stuff.
He keeps me warm at night....and doesn't complain when I steal all the covers.
He takes beautiful pictures...even if most of them are bugs & flowers. (I take all the pictures of the kids & other family stuff.)

I could go on & on...but lets be real. We were meant for each other.
Thank you Lord, for sending me my soul mate, My Inspiration...which by the way is 'our song.' When I moved to GA all those many years ago, I didn't know it was a part of God's plan to put me near Blake...but now we know.
I Love you, Blake! Happy Valentines Day!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Just an old barn

This is the old barn/garage at my Granny's house in FL. The old weathered boards, brilliant blue sky, and flowers are not really anything special by themselves, but they caught Blake's eye when we were there one Thanksgiving. Together, they make a grand picture. (FYI - nothing has been altered in this picture - no Photoshop magic or color enhancers.) I'm so glad he took this picture...because the old barn is gone now. Replaced by a new, stronger, structure. I know they needed to replaced it with a safer structure...but the old one had such character. Those old boards saw a lot of Thanksgivings and a lot of Hancocks. I'm glad we have this picture.