Thursday, February 21, 2008

From my Valentine

My dear hubby is a poet. He writes poetry whenever the mood or inspiration hits him. Sometimes they are short, sweet & simple. The color of the springs leaves or the simple beauty of the Lord's creation, or musings on the cat's dreams as she chases imaginary mousies & twitches in her sleep.
Sometimes they are deep, thought provoking statements about life, and human nature - the good and the bad.
But always...they are from his heart.
This was my Valentine's present...

Forever We'll Be!

How far is forever?
Look to the starry skies!
How far is forever?
Look deep into my eyes!
How far is forever?
But why keep asking why,
Don't you see,
Together you and me,
With God's Grace,
Forever we'll be!
HBMc 2-14-08

This picture from our last anniversary.
I love my Valentine's poem, my fresh from the ditch daffodils, and most of all - my Blake.