Monday, February 25, 2008

Our Wall of Weapons

My boys LOVE nerf weapons. While I'm not all that fond of weapons, Nerf stuff is pretty fun, and cool. We recently came up with this idea for storing and displaying their collection.
Initially, we were going to paint it with a paintball gun, but someone informed us that paintball paint tends to fade. So instead we had a splatter paint party. We put some paint on a plastic spoon & in variety styles, managed to sling it, fling it & slingshot in all over this pegboard. It was a blast! We ALL got into this little activity. I highly recommend a splatter party for some good family fun. =)


Marcie said...

How inventive! I just love this idea. It's really great with the handprints in the corners too. Great job Donna and it looks like it was lots of fun too.