Friday, February 22, 2008

Fairy Quilt

This is my niece Courtney's Fairy quilt.
The top center block is mine, all the rest were from my dear friends the LallyQuilters. A while back we decided to do a block exchange with a fairy theme. ALL the blocks have fairies - fairy fabric, designs, or appliques. I love that fact that here are blocks from all over the world on this quilt...all over the US, Canada, Scotland, Italy and Australia! Living in a household full of boys, I had no idea what I was going to do with these blocks, ....until I found out that Courtney loved fairies. Then I knew I HAD to make this quilt for her graduation.
At this same time I was making Mama's birthday quilt, and Alishia's graduation quilt...3 major quilts going at the same time - all to be given to these dear folks while celebrating Thanksgiving/Christmas at Mama's. Whew! At times, I thought I was crazy for trying to tackle that much all at once...but it was worth it. (I'm trying to find a digital picture of Alishia's quilt. It's really special. Hopefully it will be posted here soon.)