Thursday, February 7, 2008

Just an old barn

This is the old barn/garage at my Granny's house in FL. The old weathered boards, brilliant blue sky, and flowers are not really anything special by themselves, but they caught Blake's eye when we were there one Thanksgiving. Together, they make a grand picture. (FYI - nothing has been altered in this picture - no Photoshop magic or color enhancers.) I'm so glad he took this picture...because the old barn is gone now. Replaced by a new, stronger, structure. I know they needed to replaced it with a safer structure...but the old one had such character. Those old boards saw a lot of Thanksgivings and a lot of Hancocks. I'm glad we have this picture.


Naomi said...

That's a cool picture. Is it at Grandmama's mom or Pappy's mom's house?
The contrast between the old rustic weathered wood and the feminine flowered vine makes it interesting.

Donna Mc said...

It's the old barn/garage from Granny's house (Pappy's mother).

I love the contrasts in the picture - the blue sky, the shadows, the wood, and then the flowers.
As first I didn't pay attention to the picture. But Blake made me really look at it...and it grew on it. Now that the barn is gone, I really appreciate it.

Vicki from LQ said...

Great picture Donna! Blake has quite the eye for contrasts and now that the barn is gone it is a special memory for you! BTW what was done with the old barn wood? I am looking for some to make frames. Probably much too late and we're too far away but I thought I'd ask anyway!

Donna Mc said...

I don't know what they did with the wood. I'd love to have some of it too! It would make such fantastic picture frames....rough & weathered just like it is.
I'll ask Mama next time I talk to her.

Marcie said...

Great picture Donna. Thank you so much for sharing it. I love old barns . You just can't beat the look of that old weathered wood. The flowering vines made me smile. These are the type that are planted in abundance at the Texas Ren Fest grounds. So I have happy thoughts just seeing them. I planted them for several years and had a really good "crop". Hugs.