Friday, July 24, 2009

Quilters have their own language....

I don't consider myself bilingual, but on second thought I just might be fluent in another language. This language might sound completely weird & alien to most folks, but not to quilters...because it's the language of quilting!

These are just a few fun terms we use to describe our obsession....

•FART = Fabric Acquisition Road Trip
•FQ = Fat Quarter
•HST = Half-Square Triangle
•LAQ= Long Arm Quilter
•LQS = Local Quilt Shop
•PIGS = Projects in Grocery Sacks
•SABLE = Stash Accumulation Beyond Life Expectancy
•SEX = Stash Enhancing eXperience (or eXcursion)
•STASH = Special Treasures All Secretly Hidden
•TGIF = Thank God It's Finished!
•TOT = Tone-on-Tone
•UFO = UnFinshed Object
•WHIMM = Works Hidden In My Mind
•WIP = Work In Progress
•WISP = Work In Slow Progress
•WOF = Width of Fabric
•WOMBAT = Waste of Money, Batting, and Time
•WOW = White On White

Here's is one of my personal favs.... It started as a WHIMM, inspired by this picture of a quilt I saw on a calendar...

After much thought, and many hours creating my own pattern via EQ (Electric Quilt ~ my quilt design software program.) the idea progressed to a real WIP,
and then this...

But alas, it is currently a UFO. It's safely stored in a large box - all the fabric I collected on a FART & SEX trip (did I really say that!?) & the designs I drew up neatly stacked together...waiting for me to change it from a WISP to a TGIF... but I sincerely hope is never turns into a WOMBAT!

Friday, July 17, 2009

A Day of Watery Fun

Today we decided to do something......different!!

We haven't done any traveling this summer, so we needed a break and wanted to create a memory. After much discussion, we decided to go to the Georgia Aquarium! Despite a VERY late start, and a long, hot, wait to get in (almost 2 hours!), I have to say - it was wonderful! The variety of water creatures, each one uniquely suited for it's environment, is amazing. God's creativity is endless - He made the Beluga whales smile, and have the ability to bend their neck...the only whale in the world with this ability. He made the tropical fish with such bright beautiful colors, and the otters with fun personalities. And the WHALE SHARKS! WOW is not a big enough word to describe these massive, beautiful giants. I could sit & watch them swim by all day long & never get tired of it. The big tank at the GA Aquarium was so cooooool! The big ol' groupers, giant, graceful manta ray, so many various sharks, and those 4 giant whale sharks all share a tank the size of a football field. WOW!

Here's a few pictures from our day....

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Before and After

I confess. I let things go. I mean REALLY go, as in almost beyond help and way too close to the point of no return. I've been meaning to do something about it for the last 6 months, but other daily demands just seemed to take priority. And to be honest - I procrastinated....a lot! So it just got worse, and worse and worse.


This weekend I decided to do something about it.

I turned over a new leaf.

I did it....

I cleaned my sewing room!

I don't actually sew in my 'sewing room''s actually my laundry room. (My sewing machine/cabinet is just outside this room, in the kitchen.) The washer/dryer/freezer are on the far right side of the room, and all my sewing stuff - fabric, books, patterns, ironing board, and a bzillion miscellaneous crafting/sewing supplies are stored on various shelves on the left side of the room. And I have various UFOs ~ UnFinished Objects, and PIGS ~ Projects In Grocery Sacks stored in boxes, too. These boxes vary from shoebox sized, to copy paper sized.

So Saturday I started clearing out, cleaning, tossing out and organizing. I spent most of the day in there & still didn't finish. I did more today and feel like I'm almost done, but still need a bit more organizing. I have a small filing cabinet that I want to put underneath my cutting table - which will hold/organize a lot of my purchased patterns, as well as my own drafts, notes & patterns. But for the most part - it's finally respectable and reasonably presentable,... and bloggable.

So I submit for your contemplation and evaluation.... BEFORE
(Don't hate me. I know it's awful.)

And AFTER..... (*happy sigh*)

The funniest part of the whole thing - See that box on top the wooden cabinet... it's full of Christmas gifts! And since both birthdays have passed...I guess they'll be Christmas presents again!
SHHHHH ~ don't tell the boys where their gifts are hidden!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Pull My Finger

Ian says.....

"Pull My Finger!"

This is why you should NEVER pull Ian's finger!
He's a bit warped.

A Busy Birthday

Cole turned 11! Wahoo!

We celebrated all weekend....starting Saturday, July 4th - and ending today, his 'real' birthday, July 6th.

We started out with a 'Find the Clue to Find Your Presents' game. He had 11 rhyming clues that led him from place to place to place - ALL over the place! Some of the clues were pretty simple, others were quite perplexing for Cole.
But it was a lot of fun, and in the end - after almost an hour long search for clues - he solved the final clue and found his presents.

It was only appropriate to have a few fireworks on the 4th of July...Thank you, Bea!... and this funny little picture had a visitor in it. Can you spot "Tinkerbell" enjoying an up close view!

Today - we celebrated Cole's actual birthday. We started out at Monkey Joe's, but that didn't last very long since they now have an age limit & Ian wasn't allowed to join in. So we left for lunch at Pizza Hut - Cole's favorite, and went for 'plan B'... Putt-Putt. But we ran into another problem...Putt-Putt is closed on Mondays.
Not good! So then we opted for emergency 'plan C'! Bowling!! Wahoo - we had a delightful time bowling. My first 4 frames were strike, strike, spare, and strike. That will never happen again!!! Especially after Cole, Ian and Alex put 'monkey dust' on my ball. My game went kaput after that! In the end, I won the first game, and Cole won the 2nd game. So we had a wonderful time - especially the birthday boy.

Happy Birthday Cole! You've been a blessing to our family for 11 full years now. We love you, Refried!! You rock!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Summer Yard Critters

Bunnies come up in Ma & Pops' yard every evening to eat the yummy clover. These bunnies come in all sizes - from wee little bunnies fresh from the nest, to big ol' 'wompus' bunnies that are HUGE. They all are share the yard with Pops' birds and squirrels.

This delightful little mockingbird posed for me as I was taking pictures of Cole playing in the mud. It landed nearby, paused long enough for Cole point it out, and I turned around & took it's picture. It has a fat, juicy cricket in it's beak - so it must have a nest full of hungry babies nearby. We had a nest of 'mockers' outside our bedroom window. You would think they would be rude, noisy neighbors, but I'm happy to say they were wonderful neighbors. There's nothing sweeter to wake up to in the morning than a mockingbird's song.

Good Clean Fun....

There's just something about boys, water, and dirt. They all go together so well. They are drawn to each other - like a magnetic attraction. They can't resist it.

So it begins...

It gets between your fingers & toes and feels gushy. Then you start splashing...

But having just your hands & feet muddy isn't enough....
It takes a lot of effort to get this dirty!
You have to do it right!

Nothing better than a boy and a mud puddle on a hot July afternoon. And the best part ~ he enjoyed the bath afterwards just as much!