Friday, July 3, 2009

Summer Yard Critters

Bunnies come up in Ma & Pops' yard every evening to eat the yummy clover. These bunnies come in all sizes - from wee little bunnies fresh from the nest, to big ol' 'wompus' bunnies that are HUGE. They all are share the yard with Pops' birds and squirrels.

This delightful little mockingbird posed for me as I was taking pictures of Cole playing in the mud. It landed nearby, paused long enough for Cole point it out, and I turned around & took it's picture. It has a fat, juicy cricket in it's beak - so it must have a nest full of hungry babies nearby. We had a nest of 'mockers' outside our bedroom window. You would think they would be rude, noisy neighbors, but I'm happy to say they were wonderful neighbors. There's nothing sweeter to wake up to in the morning than a mockingbird's song.