Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Merry Christmas 2012

Again ~ I'll just let the pictures tell the story....

My favorite bass player, Christmas Eve at FBCLS.
Blake & I having fun at Pastor Kevin's 40th Birthday.
We had a blast taking pictures.

Murphy opened his very first Christmas gift.

Santa left new long-underwear for the boys....
in the shape/position of the boys - complete with remotes & game comtrols!

Merry Christmas Morning!

Ian is excited about a gift card to.....

NOW maybe Blake won't loose the remote in the bed.

Ian got bbq!

I am Sew Blessed!

Tasting Bacon flavored Hot Sauce.

Murphy got a new Hoggie!

The Honey-Yeast Rolls  have risen ~ ready to bake.

Blake checking out his new hat.

Our tree...atop a table, safely out of
the goober-hound's reach.

The woven fabric snowflakes I made this year.

Merry Christmas from Murphy!!!

UPS let Murphy 'sign' for a package.
My pretty new quilt calendar was chewed up....
I'll probably get mad at the beast  whenever
I turn over a new page on the first if each new month.

Our white-foggy Christmas...
this was taken around 1:00 p.m.
on the way to Ma's for Christmas dinner.

Alex got chips!

Cole, Ian & Alex

Alan got Sea Monkeys!
(He was just a little excited.)

The Goober brothers, Blake & Rusty

Blake, Ian & Cole with their Christmas Cashews.

Cassie got 'cheer hands'!
And she has something to cheer about...
Cassie & Alan are engaged!

Nicole got cheer hands, too!

Cole got a Vader shirt & warm hat.

Ma found some old pocket knives of Poppy's
and gave one to each grandson.


Ma reminding Aaron to use his brain.


Rusty's shirt - perfect for him!

Aaron & Alan ~ got skillets & rolls!

We all had a very Merry Christmas! 
A day full of laughter, joy, and love shared among family.