Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Advenures of SuperVan, C-Money and SUPER BEANS!

The Adventures of SuperVan and C-Money as they save VBS from the clutches of Evil Ian!

Just another normal day at VBS for SuperVan....

C-Money says "I think someone needs rescuing! Up, UP and AWAY!" Soaring to the C-Money! Defender of the Faith and Protector of VBS!

WHAT is Evil Ian pondering? It doesn't look good from here...

SuperVan trying to influence Ian. Feel the Faith, Ian, feel the Faith!

Oh no...SuperVan is distracted by thoughts of that SuperModel he once saved...

Turn your back on evil, SuperVan, turn your back before it's too late!

SuperVan Points the Way!

The struggle is SUPER Human!!

C-Money and SuperVan wrestling with Ian. Can they turn him away from his evil ways?????????

Good Triumphs over evil. Ian is now SuperBeans! C-Money & SuperVan have turned him towards the Light.

But yet another source of trouble has reared its fuzzy little head.... is it SuperSquirrel or his evil twin the Mutant Ninja Squirrel?????

It IS the evil mutant lightsaber squirrels! It's up to C-Money to rescue Katie from the evil squirrels' lightsaber battle!

SuperVan and C-Money ride off into TimesSquare....looking for more folks to rescue from themselves.

Even Super Heros know the Way, the Truth and the Life!

Scenes from Summer 2011

It's been pretty quiet around here lately...just not a whole lot to blog about, but here are some pictures worth sharing...

My butterfly mothers day present.

Bee Balm blooming the our herb bed. I'm still not use to seeing lavender beebalm. In the mountains where we go camping it's scarlet-red.

Blackberries....growing like crazy in Blake's garden spot. Since he hasn't planted a veggie garden for a couple of years, the blackberries have moved in & made themselves at home. Blake has been busy picking the mulberries & blackberries, which he'll make into jelly.

A vase full of hydrangias just says 'summer'! A friend cut these from the hydrangias planted around her house. She had enough for half a dozen bouquets!

My absolute favorite yard flower, and the loveliest smelling flower in the world, my gardenias.

VBS nonsense from Ian, Coleman and Van...AKA SuperBeans, C-Money, and SuperVan ~ defenders of VBS!! I ended up with a whole storyline/series of photos of these 3 goobers and their cape-wearing super hero antics on Facebook. So much fun!

The drink of choice on a hot summer day....or any day!

The Flamingo Flocking is back & going strong at FBCLS!

Thistle - thorny, but so pretty when you stop & really look at them. (Photo taken on a golf course my a friend using our camera.)

Sunflowers...they came up underneath the bird feeder...'planted' by the squirrels, and just too pretty to pull up.

Someone broke into my van while I was at work & stole my good totebag - which had my Sunday school literature and good bible in it. (Yes, I was parked at the church!) So I made myself a new totebag - just my little way of dealing with the stress & saying HA to the thieves.

And best of all...
my Honey-Bunny Blake...we just celebrated our 26th Anniversary.