Monday, July 6, 2009

A Busy Birthday

Cole turned 11! Wahoo!

We celebrated all weekend....starting Saturday, July 4th - and ending today, his 'real' birthday, July 6th.

We started out with a 'Find the Clue to Find Your Presents' game. He had 11 rhyming clues that led him from place to place to place - ALL over the place! Some of the clues were pretty simple, others were quite perplexing for Cole.
But it was a lot of fun, and in the end - after almost an hour long search for clues - he solved the final clue and found his presents.

It was only appropriate to have a few fireworks on the 4th of July...Thank you, Bea!... and this funny little picture had a visitor in it. Can you spot "Tinkerbell" enjoying an up close view!

Today - we celebrated Cole's actual birthday. We started out at Monkey Joe's, but that didn't last very long since they now have an age limit & Ian wasn't allowed to join in. So we left for lunch at Pizza Hut - Cole's favorite, and went for 'plan B'... Putt-Putt. But we ran into another problem...Putt-Putt is closed on Mondays.
Not good! So then we opted for emergency 'plan C'! Bowling!! Wahoo - we had a delightful time bowling. My first 4 frames were strike, strike, spare, and strike. That will never happen again!!! Especially after Cole, Ian and Alex put 'monkey dust' on my ball. My game went kaput after that! In the end, I won the first game, and Cole won the 2nd game. So we had a wonderful time - especially the birthday boy.

Happy Birthday Cole! You've been a blessing to our family for 11 full years now. We love you, Refried!! You rock!