Thursday, February 14, 2008

My fuzzy valentine...

Happy Valentines Day! My dear sweet, huggable, loveable, hunny-bunny brought me some early daffodils he found along the side of the road. Those are better that fancy smancy roses any day!
Why do I love him? The list is endless...but here's the short version:
We make beautiful music together...really! We do! We played our flutes at our wedding reception, and still play guitar/hammered dulcimer together for fun.
He takes me camping - what better way to spend time together with someone you love. Snuggling in a sleeping bag or sitting by the campfire beats the Hilton any day!
He doesn't mind my many quirks & hormonal moments.
He loves our boys, our dog, and our cats.
He cooks.... I don't.
He knows lots of things about the stars, wildflowers, and all kinds of interesting stuff.
He keeps me warm at night....and doesn't complain when I steal all the covers.
He takes beautiful pictures...even if most of them are bugs & flowers. (I take all the pictures of the kids & other family stuff.)

I could go on & on...but lets be real. We were meant for each other.
Thank you Lord, for sending me my soul mate, My Inspiration...which by the way is 'our song.' When I moved to GA all those many years ago, I didn't know it was a part of God's plan to put me near Blake...but now we know.
I Love you, Blake! Happy Valentines Day!


Doodlebug said...

How sweet!

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