Thursday, February 21, 2008

Mama's Quilt

When my mama was turning 80 she told me she DID NOT want a big party or anything made over it. She's a quiet person, and that's just not her style. But I knew we had to do something to mark this momentous occasion. So obviously my brain turned to a quilt. I sent a letter to each of my 3 brothers and their families & asked them to send me a piece of fabric that represents them. One piece for each member of their family. It could be anything - a work shirt, a piece of fabric with something on it that is special to them or represents their passion/hobby or life. Most of the family responded. The ones that didn't, I choose a fabric for them.

The center block of the quilt represents my parents. It's a crazy patch design that has pieces of a hanky mama's mama gave to me, one of grandma's aprons, & daddy's shirts, fabrics with Bibles and faith, music, oranges, and travel - various things that 'are' Mama & Daddy.

Each side of the quilt is set up to represent me, and my 3 brothers, then our families.

Gary's 'Winter Park Design' shirt & houses. Carol's red hats for all the hats she wears, Courtney's 'Flighty' birds, and Roberts FSU.
Johnnie's US Marines & old houses, Connie's peacock feathers, Luke & Sarah's Co.snow & columbine flowers, and baby Milo's toys. (Baby Lucy wasn't around yet.) Naomi's paintings, Matt's rockets, and Rocket's rockets, and baby Roxanne's dedication dress.
David's - tools and footballs, Levi's sports, Alishia's dolphins.
And lastly - my sewing & horses, Blake's gardening & camping, Ian's science & stars, and Cole's hopping frogs.

It's not a traditional quilt of blocks...but is shows a family and it's ties. I know Mama treasures it.


Naomi said...

Wow... I don't think I have ever seen a picture of it all done. It turned out great.

Donna Mc said...

I thought I had emailed pictures to everyone...but if I did, they were probably small & difficult to see, therefore not memorable. *G*
I like this click/enlarge feature here. You can REALLY see stuff!!

I know Mama really likes this quilt...she had to show it to ALL her friends & family in FL.