Friday, March 7, 2008

Our Other Family Members

Here are some pictures of our other family members...the 4 legged ones. Riley the beast is huge, funny and lovingly protective of us...unless it's storming. Then all bets are off, and he hides under the bed! He weighs almost 100's so funny to watch him squirm his way underneath our bed, but I guess that's where he feels safe. He sleeps there a lot too. It's hysterical to wake up during the night to the sound of Riley howling in his sleep. He must have some wild & crazy dreams.

Ethel is our sweet quiet calico cat. She's just too much of a lady to put her face into Riley's water bowl & drink. (Riley drank up all the water in the cats' water bowl.) So she touches the water with her paw & delicately licks it off.

Bobbin is bobbin, she has no tail. She hunts creatures at night, and she has a personal problem with feline flatulence. She can clear a room in .01 seconds. But other than that, she's sweet. She sleeps in her own personal "cat box" courtesy of the USPS. I don't know WHAT she was doing in this picture...but she's squatting like a bullfrog! Maybe she's practicing for catching frogs when it warms up soon? Maybe she's trying to look 'all pumped up'? Maybe she ate too many squirrels? Funny little cat.


Marcie said...

How nice to meet the family! *G* The furbabies anyway. I have long heard of Miss Bobbin and her unique talent with the flatulence problem. Hahahaha!

Glad to see you update and I can't wait to get back to LQ and in with the girls again. *G* Huggles to ya.