Friday, March 28, 2008

Photoshop ~ what an awesome thing

Last Sunday was Easter. He is Risen! He is risen, indeed!

After church we did the usual family pictures
1. because it has become a tradition, and
2. because it's rare to see my family dressed nicely, clean, and all together respectable looking. (The boys are usually in t-shirts, and ragged choice. Blake is usually in a denim shirt & choice, and I'm just not a dressy-dress type person either. *G*)

ANYWAY,.... we dutifully stood in front of a peach tree in full bloom, smiled & tried to look happy & Eastery. I didn't look at the pictures until later that night. Lo and behold did I get a surprise! Dear Cole had made a wacky, weird face in EVERY family picture! The ones taken by either Blake or I were fine. But the ones of all 4 of us together - taken using the tripod & timer - were all Cole-ified. Eyes crossed, contorted face, and smirks are over the place. Grrrrr! I stopped myself from deleting them....I think I'll keep them for future 'black mail' usage.*g* So this afternoon I made a first MAJOR attempt of 'photo magic' with Photoshop. WOW! What an awesome tool! You can hardly tell I took Cole's head from one photo & plopped into the family photo. Cool, huh! And no wonder the tabloids can make it look like Britney is dating Elvis, or George W is dancing the hula with Hillary. This tool is cool - but dangerous. *G*


Naomi said...

You did a really great job with the photoshop- I use it for just about every picture I take too! But, I think I like the first picture better than the second. It makes me laugh hysterically!

Anonymous said...

Tell Cole that all these pictures are going to be used at his graduation and wedding. Make a "slide show" and keep adding to it. Go watch it when you need a laugh. I haven't "swithched" heads yet, but have used some of the other cool tools. Love the peach tree in the background too. Does that make you a Georgia Peach?