Sunday, March 30, 2008

An Afternoon Project

I decided to jump into a project today. I haven't been sewing is rather stressful, and my heart just hasn't been in a sewing mode lately. But today, I decided to change that! Sooooo, I made the pretty springy looking handbag. I've been admiring all those pretty (and pricy) quilted handbags that are in style and I KNEW I could make one even better,...and MUCH less expensive. =) I used fabric from my stash, and scraps of batting. The ONLY thing I bought was the pattern (which I purchased last summer,) and the zipper. It needs some buttons on the ends & the outside pocket - which I plan to buy tomorrow...but other than that, it was cheap & fairly easy. The pattern was somewhat hard to follow at times, but once I caught on - it all came together. From start to finish - 3 to 4 hours.

What really surprised me - this purse held everything my old one did! It has lots of inside pockets to keep thing neat & organized.

So, all in all.... that mountain of laundry didn't need to be folding today. This handy dandy handbag needed to be made! *G* I feel better for having spent the time on it.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful Donna, you sew so nicely nicely. And the pattern is one of my favorites... DFs which I bet I have a stash of 50 give or take. Congrats on not doing laundry. LOL