Thursday, April 3, 2008

Rocket's Quilt ~ Finship

This is my great nephew Rocket's quilt, Finship. Such a fun quilt!
I learned how to do Invisible Machine Applique on this quilt - I took a class, and decided it was well worth the effort. I've been using invisible machine applique ever since.

I also discovered that quilting is great therapy. My dear Daddy passed away shortly before I started this quilt. The grieving, mourning & depression was somehow made more bearable because I was working on something positive - a beautiful baby quilt, full of life, vibrant with bright happy colors,... for Pappy's first greatgrandson. Rocket arrived just a couple days before his Pappy's birthday. So this quilt has many memories sewn into it.

Yes, quilting it good therapy. And it's MUCH cheaper than a shrink!!


Naomi said...

This quilt has a very good home. It is amazing to know all of the emotions that went into it. The picture doesn't show all of the wonderful detail that is on the face of the mermaid. It is extrememly impressive.
I remember when my dad went down to be with Pappy when he was dying. Around the same time I had my first ultrasound of Rocket and I emailed my dad the picture.

Aunt Donna said...

I remember your Dad showing the ultrasound picture to Pappy. I thought that was so sweet - he got to see Rocket.

I remember being SOOOO afraid of painting the mermaid's face! I don't do faces very well. *g* If I ever have to make this quilt pattern again, I'm coming to you for help on the face!