Saturday, April 26, 2008


Friday, April 24th was Ian's 15th birthday. It's hard to believe that the baby I once held with amazement that God had actually given him to us has grown up so quickly. Sometimes it seems like just yesterday I rocked him in my lap. We've had so many 'firsts'.... first smile, laugh, camping trip (4 months old), first word (Kitty-cat) and steps (taken cautiously at 1 yr). First days of school, first time meeting your baby brother, first band concert, and now marching band and high school.

His mind is so full of creative thoughts and drawings...even if some of it is weird, it's his - therefore wonderful. I thank the Lord every day for blessing our family with him. He's a good kid on the verge of being an awesome man. Lord, continue to bless him, and keep him safe. Help him to grow in wisdom and strength. Help him always to seek Your will & plans in his life. Most of all ~ Thank you Lord for Ian.

Happy Birthday Ian!


Naomi said...

He DOES smile!!! And, you're right- he is a pretty awesome kid. Happy Birthday!
Wait... will he be driving a car in one year?!

Marcie said...

Happy Birthday Ian! And looks like your baby will be shaving soon too. Oh I remember the pain of letting seemed too SOON! I wasn't ready for all that growing up stuff! *g*

God bless your beautiful family and you, Donna, as you strive to raise good Christian men.

Huggles to ya dear Mama to Fried and Refried Beans, waving from La. Marcie