Friday, May 2, 2008

Pink Lady's Slipper

This is a Pink Lady's Slipper. It's a wildflower that's considered very uncommon. It's not quite on the 'endangered' list, but it is protected in many areas. We 'discovered' them in the woods at Ma & Pop's house last year. Blake has been making regular trips into the woods lately hoping to find them in bloom. Pink Lady's Slipper is an orchid, and has to have certain conditions in order to grow, bloom, and thrive. A special symbiotic fungi is required for this plant's survival - so if you try to transplant it, it usually dies.
So there's your wildflower biology lesson for the day. Enjoy!


Naomi said...

It looks very exotic! Did you pick it and put it behind your ear? Just Kidding.

Donna Mc said...

Hahaha - no, I didn't, but Blake did! *G* It looks lovely with his overalls. *G*

More wildflower pictures coming soon.