Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Sweetest Moment

This is my favorite photo in the whole world.

We had just brought Cole home from the hospital, and Ian wanted to snuggle with his new baby brother. It's now almost 10 years later...they don't snuggle much anymore. And if they do, it quickly turns into something loud and extremely rowdy... and usually involves a lot of pillows being hurled at each other.

But once upon a time...this sweet, precious moment happened ~ and I captured it forever on film.


Poppy said...

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Shell said...

Oh my. That's a beautiful, sweet moment. And, I can't believe how much Ian looks like Cole in that picture!!!!!! :::shock::: LOL!!

Anonymous said...

Talk about "brotherly love". What a great picture, one definitely to cherish. Especially when you feel like wringing their necks after one of their boisterous, loud, messy romps. But then that is what boys are with the sweet moments to us from killing them.

Naomi said...

That is very sweet! I thought that was Cole at first, too.
The boys in Rocket's class are not allowed to hug eachother, because for boys, there is a fine line between hugging and wrestling. I don't think I could handle TWO boys.

Donna Mc said...

Yup- you got that right! hugging=wrestling=hugging=wrestling...
I think God put me in a family full of boys in order to prepare me for my own family of boys. Growing up w/ Gary, Johnnie & David taught me all about playing in the dirt, football, climbing trees, fishing, & wrestling...or was that hugs? *G*