Monday, May 5, 2008

Hello Spring Babies

Spring-time is always considered the time of new life, births and new beginnings. I was born in spring, as was Ian. I love driving past pastures full of new calves, and playful colts. I love springtime!

Blake was walking around the yard taking pictures of some violets blooming when he noticed this wee tiny little preying mantis. It's only about 1/4" long - a new baby! He literally followed this baby along the ground as his crawled across the grass and leaves until he got this great picture.

These are some baby wrens that nested in our garage last spring. We watched the mama bird make her nest, and worried about Bobbin catching her or being drawn to the sounds of the babies in the nest. They got REALLY crowded in there (5 little wrens in one wee nest!), so we worried about them falling out & becoming a Bobbin-buffet. I'm very happy to say they all survived to fly away. No Lunch for you, Bobbin!

I need to go check the nest this spring....Mrs. Wren might be back!

Happy Spring, y'all!


Carin said...

I jumped over from PW. Good luck with the band photos, looks like there were some good ideas posted after your comment. Hope you find one that works for you. My biggest problem is indoor shots - blur, enough lighting, etc.

LOVE the pics on this blog! Excellent job with that!!!!

Anonymous said...

Your DH has missed his calling as a wildlife photographer! Great pictures and you can send some spring my way please...our trees are hinting at budding, the ducks and geese are flying in, but no flowers yet!

Thanks for the pictures!