Monday, April 14, 2008

Camping - sitting by the fire

One of the best things about camping - just sitting by the fire. Sometimes we talk, laugh, and joke around. Other times we reminisce about other camping trips and times in our lives. Sometimes we just enjoy the silence...but is it really silent? I hear frogs singing, crickets chirping, a whippoorwill calling, and owls hooting. During the day the hawks & falcons soar high above & call out, bees are buzzing, and there's always the sounds of kids playing nearby.

Thank you, Lord for a fun, relaxing,safe, and soul-renewing trip. Your world is an amazing place. Life is good, and camping makes us happy.


Naomi Haverland said...

These blogs make me all the more anxious for warm weather to come our way. We have a handful of camping trips planned for this summer.
Does Ian enjoy himself despite the fact that he is never smiling for the camera?? Maybe he is just too into that Harry Potter book.

Anonymous said...

Yeah - I'm glad y'all are planning some camping trips. I can't wait to see your blog posts all about your camping adventures.

Ian enjoys camping - but as a teen he's got this macho-moody attitude that lurks around him making him try to act cool & aloof. But he really does smile...but usually makes goofy, weird faces at me when I have the camera.
And yes - he was REALLY into the HP book on this camping trip.

Naomi Haverland said...

That's understandable. A "chick magnet" wouldn't want to ruin is sophisticated reputation.