Monday, August 3, 2009

Yuck Night at FBCLS

The most fun filled photo-shoot I've EVER done was last night at our church youth YUCK Night. I knew it would be wet, wild & yucky, but nothing could have prepared me for this...

We who are about to be YUCKED salute you!

First you get good and wet in the 'HURRICANE GAME'.

NExt we add a little slime, thanks to the Egg Drop. You have to crack the egg & drop it into the little cup.

Now we 'made some biscuits' with our messy, slimey, wet faces. They have to find the M&M candies hidden in the plate of flour.

Jacie's method was to BLOW the flour out of the plate!

Cole's method of cleaning up between games.

The spaghetti relay race rapidly deteriorated into a food fight! YUCK! (This is when I got slimed, and I was just an innocent bystanding taking pictures!)

"Harvesting the spaghetti"

Next is 'Redneck Paintball'. A large marchmallow is dipped in goo...nacho cheese, chocolate pudding, mustard, etc, and then your fling it via a plastic spoon at your designated team-member target.
This too turned into a massive food fight.

John looks like a man on a mission - determined and focused on revenge!

Now we move on to the "Zit game."
One team member is given a peanut butter 'facial'. Then the team tosses mini-marshmallows at them. The one with the most 'zits' wins!

Dusty was a marshmallow magnet!

Rachel taken a clean-up dip & toss.

Now the icky-ist, gaggy-ist game of all! "Calf Snot Shots"

I drew the line at photographing kids tossing their cookies...but you get the idea.

Finally, some good ol' slip & slide fun!

What a crazy, fun, icky, slimy, messy, gaggy, night! And these pictures are just the tip of the iceberg! FBCLS Uth Rock!!!


Marcie said...

Too funny! And you get the prize as the bravest photographer ever! The slip and slide looks like great fun and a good way to end the games. Thanks for sharing the giggles!

Donna said...

Hilarious, Donna, hilarious! I love the idea of the egg toss, but I'll pass on tossing the cookies. Good job Mom!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the posting!
We are doing a Yuck Day tomorrow for our youth group. We did one years ago, and I needed some reminders of activities! Leah