Friday, August 21, 2009

Baby Quilts

This is what happens when I pull out my quilt photo album.... I just HAVE to share pictures of 'quilts of the past.' These are some of my favorite baby quilts.

Alan's Critters

Pam selected a wallpaper border for Alan's room. I used it as a pattern for his quilt. This was the first real quilt I ever made! I was so intimidated by this project, but so eager to give it a try. I think it turned out pretty cute...if I do say so myself! =D Alan just started college last week, so that gives you an idea how long ago this was.

Next came Levi's Bear with bunny slippers.

This was a fun quilt. As you can see, I got more brave & added lots more quilting. I just love the wee little bunny slippers on the bear. Levi just started his senior year of high yes, that is me - approx. 18 years ago.

Then came Ian's Bunnies.

We didn't know if our little belly-bunny was a boy or girl, hence the pink & blue colors... but I knew I wanted to decorate his/her room with bunnies. I've always loved & collected bunnies. A girl from work had commissioned me to make a baby quilt for her grand baby using a bunny wallpaper border as the pattern. I fell in love with these bunnies - and saved them for my future belly-bunny. I really tried to capture the cute personality of each bunny. They are adorable. I was VERY pregnant with Ian while quilting it...had a hard time reaching the sewing machine! But it got done in time, and hung on the wall above his crib. He use to love to look up at his little bunny friends and smile & coo at that. They use to have some wonderful conversations. =)

Then came Cole's Star

I just found out I was pregnant when we moved into our current home, Ian was 4 years old and a very busy little boy, and I was still working 40+ hours a week in Atlanta. Life was fast & busy I was also sick, sick, sick during this pregnancy. So Cole's quilt really isn't anything fancy or snazzy, designed just for him. His quilt is a star burst in pastels. It's small and very usable, as opposed to the bigger, wallhanging quilts I made for the other babies. (Just so you don't feel bad for Cole not getting a quilt designed for him, he & I have an 'Alien Quilt' in the works for his bed. We have all the fabric & patterns - I just need to get busy working on it!)

As Cole grew, and Ian started to school, I attempted to do more sewing, crafting & quilting. As a baby, Cole was content to sit in his bouncy seat on the table next to me as I sewed. But as a toddler he want to HELP. He would climb up in the chair behind me, climb on my back like a monkey, hanging over my shoulder to watch as I sewed. This is not the best way to sew...for either of us. So I found my old toy sewing machine. I took out the needle, plugged it in, and let him have at it. He loved it! It made noise, and pulled the fabric through just like Mama's sewing machine. We were sewing together.

Funny story - he was sewing, but didn't have the fabric close enough to the feed-dogs for it to move through. I told him to get it closer to the feed-dog.. He paused, looked at me with a funny look, said 'okay Mama', and got up & went outside. I peeked out the window and much to my shock & delight saw him FEEDING THE DOG!!!! That's my Cole!


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this is way too adorable!!!!

Donna said...

Hi Donna!

The picture of Cole is precious! Brings back vivid memories of my first toy sewing machine - it was orange.

Thanks for the stroll down memory lane with your quilts.


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