Sunday, August 16, 2009

It's not Smuckers, but we think it's still pretty good!

Blake is King of Jelly and Salsa!

He's canned so much jelly & salsa we're running out of room to store it. It's invading my sewing room space. Grrrrr!
So far, he's made 5 cases of strawberry, mulberry/blackberry, peach jelly, fig perserves. And this weekend he added 2 1/2 cases roasted tomato-garlic salsa. We have jelly and salsa coming out of our ears!!!! But as icky as that sounds - it's a good thing. All this will be family Christmas presents in a few months.

Mmmm, chips & salsa. Yummm, biscuits with homemade jelly.

Life is good.


Anonymous said...

Congraulations Queen of the Quilters and King of the Kitchen! The bounty from your garden is amazing and Donna you are amazing with your stitchery...What is wrong with putting on the binding all by machine? Looks Fantastic to me!


Naomi said...

I hope we made the list!

(In case you can't tell... I am catching up on all my blog reading tonight. I will never let myself get this behind again!)