Friday, August 14, 2009

Yet another first day of school

*Look VERY carefully at the number of fingers Ian is holding up.*

August 6th - the First Day of School...the boys were not impressed, thrilled or otherwise joyful. Summer went by WAY too fast. I think they still had plans...plans to sit around all day & do nothing, plans to watch more movies, plans to play more X-Box, plans to munch more junk food, plans to make plans. But the schools had other plans...So off we go ~ during the hottest part of the year. No more plans - because now is the time for action! Ian's life will be busy with early morning First Priority, after school band practices, and Friday night football games. And Cole's life will start a new chapter - middle school, and all the ups & downs in that wonderful pit of hormonal despair. But Cole is really excited about one thing - he's started band now, too. So soon we'll have the sound of a beginning saxophone player wailing, squeaking & hooting around the house.

Sounds like we need to make some plans to buy earplugs. =)


Anonymous said...

Love Cole's T shirt! Both boys are maturing so fast. What ever happened to the first day of school being Labour Day (Sept 10th or so)?

Enjoy your time while they are hitting the books, Christmas holidays will be upon you in no time!