Sunday, August 16, 2009

Got 'R Done!

I've been procrasting on finishing my niece Courtney's quilt. It's a beautiful quilt and I have no grudges against it.... I think I let the size of it intimidate me. King sized quilts will do that to ya! So this weekend I took it in baby steps. Friday I cut out all the strips for the binding, pressed them & prepared them to be joined at a miter. Saturday morning I sewed the strips together. Then without thinking, planning or making excuses, I just decided to dive in & tackle it. I sewing the entire binding on - all by machine - on Saturday afternoon. Now I'm very happy to say It's Done! What a nice's done.

*insert big happy sigh*

We took pictures of it this afternoon. Can you guess which side Blake is holding up & which side Cole is holding???? I 'stitched in the ditch' (via freemotion quilting)all over the quilt. Everywhere 2 fabrics met, I quilted. As you can see from the back - it's nothing real fancy, but it's a lot of quilting. I used a king sized sheet for the backing, and some bright green fabric for the binding.

I hope you like it, Courtney! I'll get it mailed out to you this week....definitely in time for you to snuggle under it during Fla's so-called winter. =D


LOLDarlene said...

Donna I said it before and I will say it again..... I love this quilt! Did you make up this pattern? And you quilted it on your regular machine ..... HOW DO YOU GET EVERYTHING SO STRAIGHT AND NOT "PUCKERED"?????