Friday, May 30, 2008

The Mulberry Kid!

Can you tell Cole likes mulberries?
Our mulberry tree is LOADED down with berries this year. Blake is battling the birds & squirrels over them. Cole just trots down to the tree & stands underneath it eating them to his heart's content. It's messy, but worth it.

Our peach tree is loaded down, too. Blake had to prop up the limbs, but they are still in danger of breaking the tree in half! And these are not even ripe yet. WOW!

I think all the fruit trees & flowers are producing 'double' to make up for last year's drought & it's stresses. Our perinneal flowers have quite an abundance of blossoms this year, too.


Shell said...

I think I need to move to your house!!! LOL!! Yum!!!!!

(boy .... Cole would love *that* now, wouldn't he?! Bwahahahahahaaaaa!)

Naomi said...

I want some peach salsa this year for Christmas!!!
Luke has a killer peach salsa recipe- you should get it from him.