Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Just for Naomi

While camping last weekend in NW GA were surprised to come upon Naomi.

No, not that Naomi....a town called Naomi! Well, calling it a town might be stretching things a bit. It was hardly a town, more like a crossroads or maybe a village with a name. But it was big enough to have Naomi Baptist Church, Naomi Garage, Naomi Cemetery Road, and Naomi Elementary School! I know the residents must have thought we were crazy taking pictures of everything with the name Naomi on it...but that's okay. We did it just for you, Naomi!


Naomi said...

ME Naomi?! Or another one?
That's awesome! I've never heard of Naomi... I hope I get to visit it one day. I would take my picture in front of everything!

Aunt Donna said...

Yes, just for YOU!

Naomi, GA is pretty small. If you blink, you'd miss it. But we thought you'd like to see pictures of YOUR town.