Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Camping Spring Break 09

We just returned from a long weekend camping trip at the Pocket. Despite 'roughing it' - colder weather than expected, no handy bathrooms (The waterline was broken at the main bathroom, so we had to hike to the picnic area on the other side of the creek, or hide behind a tree), and just general camping conditions - smoke blowing into our eyes, and no electric or water - we had a wonderful time. Blake & I LOVE camping. The boys love camping! And even Riley loves camping! It refreshes our hearts & souls, and brings us closer together....whether we want to or not! *G*

What do we do when we camp? The boys play in the creek - even though the water was so cold is made your bones ache, according to Cole. (I washed my hair in it...Cole was right! Talk about a brain freeze!WOW!) We sit around and read, play games, and just generally hang out. We also go for road-trips - just riding around on country roads, enjoying the mountains, the scenary, and discovering treasures like wildflower meadows & trout streams.

Blake caught a trout, and Cole (at another creek) caught some kind of carp. Due to the recent rains, the creeks were almost overflowing & really flowing strong - pretty to look at, dangerous to cross.

I came upon the most facinating little bird along the creek bank - a Louisana Waterthrush. I've never seen one of these before. It was constantly bobbing it's tail as it was catching gnats, & bugs on the edges of the water. Really interesting to watch.
We also saw the giant Pileated woodpeckers, goldfinches, canadian geese, and heard various songbirds. At night the peeping frogs made quite a chorus of sound, as did the barred owls. It's soooo nice to fall asleep to these sounds.

Blake took some night-time photos - this one looking across a pasture towards a mountain came out really nice. The stars were awesome!
Cole made friends with a snail.
Ian was really getting into reading The Lord of the Rings, and painting some Warhammer figures.
Me...I was just happy to be there.


Naomi said...

Reading this makes me crave a camping trip! It is definately way too cold to start camping around here- we had 3 feet of snow last week. But I am beginning to see the light at the end of the winter tunnel!

Donna Mc said...

We had snow flurries today - VERY unusual for GA in April. I thought about calling my boss (our pastor) & telling him I would not be back at work today because we were snowed in. *G*

It was pretty cold 2 mornings. I stayed in my sleeping bag until Blake got the campfire stirred up.

Donna said...

Looks like so much fun, Donna, I wish I was there, too! Love the photos. What a treat to see the spring wildflowers.

I just love to listen to and watch the birds, also. We had a pileated woodpecker fly over the house the other day. They are so cool! I often hear them laughing in the woods.

My Va. Blue Bells are up about 2" out of the ground. Can't wait til they bloom like the ones you've got there. With this recent blast of cold and dusting of snow, I think they'll stay put a little while longer. Like me on a cold morning...and you too!


Marcie said...

Great pictures and loved reading about your camping trip. Makes me miss going too.

I enjoyed the photos of the wildflowers and I googled the La bird to see if I recognized it, but I didn't.

And high for for overalls! Yeah! They are the best thing in the world for camping. Mine are still in the closet, I can't bear to part with them.

Loved the photo of Cole and the snail and Cole and Blake with the fish. Great photography.

Such great memories for your family Donna. You and Blake are such good parents! Hugs.