Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Honoring the Past

Last Sunday we went to New Hope Church Cemetery in Villa Rica for a Confederate Memorial. Among the folks being honored there was Blake's 4xGreat-Grandfather, Dempsey Jordan - a veteran of the Civil War. Uncle Sonny... who's real name is Marion Dempsey Jordan was with us. It was really special to see him stand near his name-sake's grave & have the rifle man answer the roll call 'Here in spirit, sir' as he fired the musket. We had 4 generations standing there in honor of Dempsey Jordan...Sonny, Ma, Blake, and the youngest generation - Ian, Cole and Alex.

Here's Pam & Alex in their full 1860's era dress. Ladies didn't normally carry rifles, but we know Pam is just a bit rebellious. *G*

I hope to teach my boys to honor their ancestors, their Southern Heritage (Georgia and Florida) and most of all, always be proud Americans.
We are one nation, under God....