Monday, August 4, 2008

Back to School Blues

The party is over.
No more lazing around in their underwear or PJs all day long.
No more veggin' out in front of the TV, Computer, Gameboy and/or Playstation all day...or at least while Mama is as work.
No more fun. Ever. Nope - it's ALL GONE...forever, or at least until May 29, 2009.

The saddest day of the year came around again this morning....the first day of school!!!!

While I think school starts tooooooo stinkin' early around here - Early August!!! - deep down I'm not sorry to see the boys have to get actively involved in life around them again. They have vegetated around the house all summer long. We didn't visit FL - gas is TOO high, and I couldn't take time off of work. We didn't go camping - again, gas is too high for any kind of traveling. And we kept day trips to an absolute minimum. A weekly outing was usually just lunch at Wallace's BBQ (yum!) when I got off work, then the library, and/or WalMart. yippee. :/ Soooo, it's been a short, mellow, and boring summer. But for some reason the boys were very glum this morning. Cole was beyond glum...he was plum mad! Maybe he's heard me say that when I was a kid summers use to be June, July AND August and he feels cheated. Maybe he regrets all that veggin' around. May all those 'wonderful things' he planned to do this summer never got done. But if they look back & reflect - we did do a few things.... a couple day-hikes at Sweetwater Creek, plenty of go-cart riding, Monkey Joe's and Fireworks on Cole's birthday, lots of swimming at Ma's pool, plenty of watermelon, ice cream, and popcycles, and Ian had his first job...mowing Ma's lawn all summer long. And we DID go see The Mummy 3 this past weekend. (Fun movie in typical Mummy/Brendan Fraser style.)

So life will be quite different around here. Ian will have band practice 2 days a week + Friday night football games, in addition to his HS schedule/homework and all that goes along with that. Cole is starting his last year of elementary school. More homework & the mounting pressure of Middle School looming in his future. (I think his only honest gripe about MS is no more recess. *G*) But we'll survive....but morning comes awful early when you have get 2 boys up AND dressed AND moving out the door.

***The best part about the boys going back to school....I get my Fridays Back!!!!!!!!*** So there IS a bright side to every situation. *Snerk*


Naomi said...

Rocket went back to school this week too! But his face looked a lot happier than your boys'. Mine did too. But I am sure when it sinks in that he has to go to school EVERY single day this year, as opposed to every other day, like last year, he may not be so enthusiastic.

Anonymous said...

Hi Donna!

As usual, great pictures! The boys' faces are a hoot, but I can't blame them for not wanting to go back to school so early. We just had freshman orientation the other day, so I've now officially got a high-schooler.

Woohoo for free Friday's!! Glad you're back in the saddle!