Sunday, August 31, 2008

Boys and their toys

Cole purchased a new toy at the Powers Crossroads Craft Fair we went to yesterday. He was completely enchanted with the 'Medieval Weapons' one craft vendor was selling. I guess every boy dreams of cool medieval weapons. Cole has been playing with it ever since we got home yesterday.

Look at the concentration on his face! This is serious target practice. (We set up some coke-can targets today.)

Look carefully at this photo - I caught the arrow leaving the crossbow! You can see it moving along. Cool!



Shell said...

Ok ... forget the arrow leaving the chamber .... just look at that face!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How cute is that?! LOL!! He's such a cutie. Yeah .... just tell him *I* said that. He'd just love it. Bwahahahahahaaaa!!!

Great pictures, Donna. You do a great job.