Sunday, July 13, 2008

The Beauty and Humor from Above

The Balloon flower filled with rain looks like it's the perfect place for fairies or angels to float & play. If you look really close - you might see one. (Other than cropping, & a tiny of bit softening, this picture was not photoshopped.)
Daisys....such a pure, sweet, simple flower.
Blake took this picture of an 'althea' or 'rose of sharon' -simply lovely. (Again, other than a little cropping, I have not photoshopped it.)

So many beautiful flowers. God is such a wonderful artist. Just look at the vast variety of flowers...His endless creativity is amazing. And if this is an example of the flowers on earth, just think of the endless variety & infinite beauty of the flowers we'll see in Heaven.

Fireflies....proof that God has a sense of humor, because how else would you explain a blinky butt. I hope there are 'lightning bugs' in Heaven, too.


Naomi said...

That firefly is really cool! I don't think I have ever seen one before.
It IS great that God has a sense of humor! I can't wait to see what hillarious and amazing things he's come up with for heaven.