Sunday, July 13, 2008

Peaches & Apples & Berries, OH MY!

Our fruit trees are over burdened this year. (Click on the pictures to see a bigger/better view.) It's to the point that we've re-named them a "Weeping Peach Tree" and "Weeping Apple tree!"
The peach tree is propped up on one side to keep the limb from breaking, but it's still drooping to the ground. The day after these pictures we had some rain (Yeah!) the peach tree limbs are brushing the ground!!!! And they still have some growing to do because they are not ripe yet.
The peaches are little 'Indian Peaches', not the big ol' grocery store/south GA kind - but they have still overwhelmed this poor prolific tree!
Here's some blueberries, too. They make such pretty pictures.
The fig tree has a bumper crop this year. too. I always know when the figs are ripe because the crows & squirrels start hanging out around the tree, squawking & carrying on like it's party time. And when you consider the fact that sometimes the figs fall off the tree & ferment on the ground....then I guess it really is party time!