Saturday, July 5, 2008

Happy 4th and Happy 10th!

Cole's birthday is July 6th, but we always have a family gathering on the the 4th of July - so we celebrate his birthday early. (He was too stubborn to be born in June when he was due, and too stubborn to be born ON the 4th as I had hoped 10 years ago when I was HUGELY pregnant and miserable.)
Here's a few pictures from the birthday celebration AND annual family pyromanic bash. I had fun trying to take pictures of the fireworks. I especially like the pictures of Blake & Cole playing with the sparklers. One picture (3rd one) shows an odd green image near the fireworks...what is this??????? Has 'George' the ghost at Ma & Pop's house finally decided to get into the act?

All in all it was a really fun day. I think Cole enjoyed his birthday 'cake' of rainbow sherbert. Lord knows he's LOVES ice creams & sherberts much more than cake (just like his Pappy), so that what he had. We made homemade pizza for everyone - always a hit. And he was delighted with his presents...Lego Indiana Jones for PS2, some movies & books, and ALL the boys had a blast playing with the Nerf 'Rocket Bazooka Launcher'...they made it a game of 'tag'! No blood or guts happened during this game - so it must have been fun for everyone.

I can't believe my baby is 10 years old! He's such a good kid, and we are so blessed by his silliness, creativity in building things, and wonderful questions about the world. Thank you, Lord, for sending this sweet child to our family. He's a delight....most of the time. *G*

Happy 4th of July Y'all! And Happy Birthday Cole!


Naomi said...

The firework pictures are awesome! One day when we move to Florida, our kids will know what the 4th of July is REALLY like.

Vicki said...

Very cool pictures Donna & Blake, you two have sure capture the best images. Love the fireworks pics and Cole is lucky to have you two, as well.