Wednesday, January 9, 2008


Ya learn something new every day.... we all have a labryinth within our heads. Inside our ears to be exact. And when your labrynth isn't happy, YOU are not happy. You are dizzy to be exact. Labrynth-itis to be exact. That's what's making me dizzy, wonky, and so 'off' lately. My wonderful geeky Dr C has come to the rescue with Rxs for me though. So, Lord willing, I'll be undizzy, and unwonky, and 'on' soon. I sure hope so - I have soooooo many things I want to do - quilting, housework (thats BAD when you WANT to do housework! I must really be feeling bad!), blogging, photography/Photoshop, playing, loving and hugging all over my dear patient family....but for now, I'll take my weird steroids & antihistamines and heal - while I try & keep my head nice & still.


Amy Bennett said...

I have Fibro, but I was also told that I had Labrythntritis. I got steroids & motion sick patch.

I leave mine on for 3 days. The steriods do not like me. My vision is gone,,,I can't read anything & I'm afraid.