Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Quilted Tablerunner

Here's a tablerunner I made for my DSILs for Christmas. It took longer than I had anticipated...but IMO, came out pretty nice. I added some 'extra' touches - feathered quilting using silk thread, and the tree motifs are in a pretty varigated metallic thread. The block is called Cross & Crown....appropriate for Christmas.

I've never made tablerunners before....always thought they would be simple to toss together, but would a person really use them? I hope so - cause I made 2 of them! Carol & Connie, I hope you enjoy them. =)

I'll try to get more quilting projects - finished & unfinished ones - posted here. My UFOs are a'calling me.... Time to get to work on 'em while they are calling! (And before costuming season begins!)


Arizona Mama said...

Hi Donna! I'm JustGina at Lallybroch. This table runner almost inspires me to take up quilting! Beautiful!